Friday, November 23, 2012

Riding a Mountain Bike (and Life) Needs Zen

I just added a couple more bruises to my right thigh, thanks to a recent Timberland Blue Trail ride. It's mostly single-track with tricky curves that go sharply uphill and then sharply downhill and this way and  that.
For the most part it's awesome.

But there's a gnarly section where I always  hope and pray  that I pick and commit to the right line, and that my bike will remain steady and not be betrayed by a loose rock or a sneaky rut, and that I roll down the path on my bike and not off it. This last ride? The biking gods did not favor me so much. The spill wasn't nasty - and I was able to disengage from the bike before it did a little tumble to the side of the path.

I pick myself up, shake off the dirt, put Becky the bike upright, and ride again.

Such is life on a mountain bike.

Such is life.

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