Monday, November 26, 2012

Doodles & Drawings | I Ink Therefore I Am

Yup, I'm getting myself inked. And it's going to look something like this : a twist to the yin yang symbol, with Mendhi-style flower and vine imagery. I haven't decided on the color combination, or if I'm going to go monochrome.

Why am I getting one? On the existential level, I feel like I'm growing more and more into my own skin, blossoming into a person with a sense of conviction about herself. This is my way to celebrate this self-unfolding. On an aesthetic level, I am a lover of accessories, for they express individuality and identity. This will be like an accessory I won't ever need to take off. I also like the notion of being a canvas for something pretty.

Now the other question is, where do I put it?

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*A&a* said...

somewhere where you can show it off :)