Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Zen Minion | The Lessons of Discomfort

As a minion, I am tasked to do things that are not really my cup of tea. It is human nature to resist anything that makes us physically and emotionally uncomfortable, and so naturally I find myself groaning inwardly and whining "Do I have to?"

The answer is, Yes,I have to. This is the price of my stable paycheck : the company's interests more often than not, come before mine. And as long as the company's interests are within moral and ethical bounds, then this minion has to suck it in.

Therefore, I am making a choice to suck it in - and do so with gusto. Despite the discomfort, I will dress up and show up like I mean it. It's another exercise in shifting paradigms and rewiring the mind - not an easy thing to do, but becomes less difficult with practice. It is all part and parcel of the journey to not just senior minionship, but to happiness and serenity of mind and heart.

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