Wednesday, January 07, 2015

The Year of Grace

2014 was the best and worst year.

It was a year of Love. It was the year that He Who Got Me, got me for good. Oh,what a Lovefest our wedding day was! If all the best days of my life were added together, this day would still trump them all. It was the most brilliant sendoff to the Greatest Ride of our life. 

It was a year of the Leap of Faith. A leap across an ocean, in fact. It was the year we started life anew in a foreign land - far away from all things familiar. But it was a leap that was aligned with Mr A and I's desire to expand our world - geographically, economically, creatively. 

It was a year of Leveling Up. I was quite the monster last year - breaking personal records on the trail and on the road. I unrolled my yoga mat more often and the constant practice led to the achievement of the Headstand. The body stretches and strengthens when you honor it with physical activity, it seems.

But with these loftiest of joys, the Most Unbearable, Heartbreaking Sorrow.

2014 was a year of Loss. It was the year Mama succumbed to breast cancer, breaking my heart into a tiny million pieces. It has been mended somewhat, but there will always be that Mama-shaped hole in there. I take comfort in knowing she's  Home and in everlasting peace but still, I ache for her presence.

It was a year of being aware of Life's Precarity. Life is beautiful and precious. I  am reminded that it is important to be present and grateful. That someday we will face Death and in the end, all that will be asked of us is, Did we love? I know Mama is in a better place because she absolutely did.

Through the heart songs and heartbreak of 2014,  I discovered how beautiful life is, and how death is not the end of life, but a gateway to Eternity. In this light,I would say that 2014 was ultimately a year of grace.

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