Monday, April 15, 2013

Perfectly Placed

I spent half the day working on a client's layout requirement, something I would have passed on to the more knowledgeable fiance, but as he had urgent work matters to tackle today, the task fell on my lap.

I clumsily but happily fumbled through the InDesign program. Six hours later, the draft was sent. And that is how I earned my bread and butter today.

It is 5:07 in the afternoon. As the sun sets, the hot summer day gives way to a hopefully cooler night.

For most of my life, I have always found myself wishing I were somewhere else. If my life had a theme it would be restlessness and displacement.

But when this year rolled in, this was no longer the case.

Today as I write this, I am exactly where I want to be. No restlessness. Perfectly placed.

Not to say that I am in a worry-free, blissful place. Not at all. But the things I worry about are things I WANT to worry about, if that makes any sense. I guess one might call them 'delightful worries'.

And so what might these 'delightful worries' be?

1) Wedding 

Although a bit of long way off, I can't help but fuss and fidget over the many details of the Big Day.  I've told myself that I do not want to be one of those brides who get hyper/crazy OC over the nitty-gritties. Creating a checklist and timetable does wonders for event planning anxiety management. 

What I'm happy about : the decision to have the wedding in Baguio, and finding the perfect spot for the wedding reception. Pinning down the Church for the wedding ceremony is next.

2) Oz Migration

The rocky road to greener pastures looks very, very promising. And by promising I mean, doors are opening for the fiance's passage into the Land Down Under. On the speculative timeline, we'll be in Canberra by the first half of 2014 - married, and starting a new life together as migrants.  

Wow. Maybe 2014 might be the epic year after all.

Thank You for this adventure, for Things that make me feel truly alive. :)


*A&a* said...

hey lovely!
how beautiful to witness your journey as you walk through uncertainty with courage, authenticity with joy, and expectancy with calm.
i laud you for taking the leap every dang time! from saying yes to Love, dealing with ex-minionship (love that term!), and believing in your are an inspiration!

much Love,

Char Salinas said...

Thank you, A! <3

I am grateful that Life is unfolding beautifully. I pray for the grace to continue on with courage, joy and calm :)

You inspire me too, love! Your life chronicles and insights are beautiful sources of light and wisdom for me.

Hay, I miss you.