Tuesday, January 17, 2012

On Brokenness

If I feel the need to show people that I am a-ok, that I am super, that I am just fabulous, then there's something broken inside.

When I am chronically afraid of rejection, of failure, of letting go (of inhibitions, possessions, habits), of the unknown, there's something broken inside.

When I find myself falling into patterns of thought, words and behavior that do harm to me and others, there's something broken inside.

 How do I fix what's broken? First I acknowledge and then ...

I forgive: Myself and those who have hurt me intentionally  or otherwise

I accept:  The truth and make no excuses. Who I am - warts and all.

I surrender: Control over circumstances and people.

For when I am whole, I accept my imperfections and understand that it's okay to feel sad and lonely and unattractive sometimes.

For wholeness means I do not need  affirmation from people and things to know and feel my worth. Being whole means knowing that failure and rejection do not make me less worthy.

For when I am whole, I seek what is good for all.

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