Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Joie de Vivre Is Discovered, Not Pursued

Life these past months has revealed to me certain truths and realities about dreams, desires and goals. Things I've experienced, read about and reflected upon have led me to revisit the paradigm behind the Joie de Vivre workbook. 

First paradigm shift : Joie de vivre is not to be pursued but to be discovered. It is not something that is out there for us to chase after or seek, it is already in us - and we are unconsciously experiencing this at certain moments. 

Second paradigm shift : Setting goals and achieving dreams and desires can sometimes hinder us from truly living in the present. We are in a constant state of  restlessness - always wishing we were in some other place. Not to say that one shouldn't set goals or pursue dreams. It's the attachment to them and the impatience to make them come into fruition that depletes our serenity. Life is fluid and evolving - so are our dreams.

So in the meantime, this workbook will stay in the parking lot - while I take a walk around the block and rendezvous with joie de vivre.

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