Friday, July 08, 2011

Where Does It All Go?

In an attempt to take control of my spending and become better at managing my money, I kept a log of all my expenses for 30 days with the objective of seeing where each penny goes. I also wanted to see how much of my salary goes to each of the following life expenses:

Beauty Services
Credit Card
Fun Stuff
Phone Bill
Travel Fund

After religiously taking note of each and every expense, the numbers show that this is where my money goes:

A big portion of my salary went to my nourishment (and that of my loved ones - I shelled out a hefty amount for Father's Day dinner). Miscellaneous expenses included little treats like an ice cream cone, a new book, and incidental expenses like a new umbrella, a  friend's wedding gift and gout antidotes for G-third. I am currently setting aside money for an upcoming Vietnam-Cambodia trip and I recently renewed my passport, so a sizeable amount went to my travel fund. The commute to and from Makati added up at the end of the month - and that's with minimal cab rides. A recent enrollment in art lessons had me buying art supplies and paying for weekly sessions.

I spent nothing on new clothes, and sadly nothing was set aside for a rainy day. I started my Moving Out Fund this month - but now I wonder, where am I gonna get the money for rent if I'm practically dry at the end of the month? Obviously, I have to cut down somewhere. (And perhaps find something I can do on the side to augment my income.)  

The sad truth is, I've been living beyond my means. The challenge :

1. Be more conscious about my spending,without depriving myself completely of life's little and big pleasures.
2. Set aside a portion as savings.

Can it be done? With a lot of discipline, a bit of temperance, creativity and self-control, I believe it can.

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