Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Zen Minion | Minion Manifesto

In light of the declaration to be a minion of magis, I have broken down this pursuit into action points.  I remind myself that the goal is not the attainment of senior minion status per se, but to  be truly engaged, happy and at peace in the workplace despite its woes. One might call it, joie de vivre on the job.

The Minion of Magis Manifesto:

~ Power dress every single day. Wear heels and lipstick.

~ Craft well-designed programs that inspire learning and growth.

~ Joyfully accept assignments that will allow me to interact with and be exposed to the store operations group.

 ~ Be kind and respectful to superiors, colleagues and subordinates. (Even the unlovable ones. Especially the unlovable ones.)

~Take care of my body by practicing yoga and/or running before going to work, eating well while at work (no junk or unhealthy sugar) and by drinking water frequently.

~ Keep my mind sharp and my heart serene through silence, prayer and meditation before, during and after work hours.

~ Nourish my soul by resting and recreating on the weekends.

Life in the cube need not be a curse. :)

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