Thursday, September 01, 2011

Travel = Life

In anticipation of an upcoming trip, I dedicate this prose to travelling.

There are times when I can only take so much of this city, the concrete and the carbon monoxide plus the corporate minion's routine - before the psychic claustrophobia kicks in.

Then there's wanderlust - that irresistible and strong urge to pack up and go places. I am serendipituously blessed to have people in my life who share this desire to see my country and the world and all its marvels. They are: 1)  my significant other and 2 ) the wonderful women I call my friends. Together, we explore destinations not as tourists, but as travellers with curious minds who want to see, hear, feel and taste the beautiful and the strange.

When I travel, I feel alive. All senses engaged, including that of wonder. The mind opens up and the view of the world expands to accomodate and take awe in different realities, unique architecture, foreign facial features , gastronomic delights, undecipherable tongues and all the novelties of an unfamiliar location. There may be fear in losing one's way on strange streets, but I believe it is in losing your bearings that you truly find yourself.

When I travel, I feel humbled. I realize that I am but a smidgen in a sea of humanity and that superiority and self-importance are senseless and absurd. But I do not feel insignificant. For when I travel, I feel connected to creation because I am participating and experiencing it.

When I travel, I gain perspective. The bigger picture unfolds itself before me and the small stuff I sweat melts away.

I travel to unravel. Outside of the box of my daily routine, I can unwind the tight coils of accumulated stress. I can breathe.

At this point, I can only travel for a few days at a time. I am still bound to a day job which I need to survive and more importantly, to fund my travels. Though I wish I could go away for much longer, I am content with the precious few days I spend living out of my backpack and sleeping in hostels. I am working towards stretching those days to a week and then two and for even will happen someday.

I pack up and leave for far-off places not to get away from life, but rather to find it.

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