Friday, August 12, 2011

On Having Stuff and Happiness

1. This is how I wish to get value for money : by investing in experiences, not in things.

2. There are shiny objects and fancy things that we I used to think I can't do without. But the fact is, I can.  Or at the very least, they can wait.

3. The little things can add up. Let me try foregoing the little things and then putting the money saved into the big things, because in time, little things can add up.:)

4. Come to think of it, I have everything I need.

I must say, however, that  there are worthwhile dreams and passions and life pleasures that need funding. So yeah, I'm still in hot pursuit of that promotion and the pay bumps - as is writ in the game plan of every ambitious corporate minion. Because I do like having and doing stuff. I just know I don't need a lot of the shiny and fancy ones to be happy. :)


Tippie O. Tan said...

Do shoes and books count as shiny new stuff? They genuinely make me happy... :(

Char Salinas said...

Like I said, there are worthwhile passions that need funding - shoes and books included :)