Monday, July 18, 2011

Messy / Bliss

Love is messy.

It's being on the receiving end of a bad temper. It's being frustrated at always having to second-guess her. It's seeing every pimple and pore, every stubble and scar. Up close and very personal. Now you see that not everything fits exactly - so you stretch and bend and tie another piece of rope to the frayed ends. Insecurities and imperfections come to the fore - and eat at your very core. No one lays a hand, but words said and unsaid can hurt so much more.

Love is messy because people are messy - with baggage, expectations and needs. Put two of those together and what have you got? Disaster. It's really a wonder people stay together.

But they do. They do because

Love is bliss.

It is complete surrender and revelation.  It's letting go of pretenses and having no inhibitions. It's comfort in silence and just holding hands. It's shared laughter and halved sorrow and a shoulder to cry on. It's putting your defenses down and letting someone in. It's stretching your patience and building your character. It is giving up some things and giving in - but in the process gaining things better than you dreamed. It's expanding your world. It's dreaming dreams for two.

They say after the high of physical attraction and infatuation comes disillusionment - I say it's all for the better. For who wants to love an illusion? We can only truly love what is real. And real includes bad tempers, bad hair days, bad car days, bad work days, bad judgement calls, silent tears, clumsy falls and PMS. Love sees beyond all that. It is constant and true.

Another thing about love - it's not something you feel, it's something you do.

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