Thursday, September 24, 2015

Migrant Musings

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It is obviously too late in the game to chronicle my first 365 days as a migrant in Australia. Not that I intended to, really. Although, this would seem like the kind of life-changing experience that a blog about "a rocky road life" would devote a series of posts on, wouldn't it? 

The long and short of it is, we are here. Man and wife of Filipino roots - a year and a quarter deep into building a life in Aussie Land. As of this writing, things are moving in a positive trajectory and we are grateful.

Aside from the struggle and success of securing employment and a regular income, there are some more interesting narratives in this leg of the life journey:

1. The way a place shapes the psyche and vice versa
2. The struggle of an introvert in a predominantly extrovert culture
3. The promise of attainable financial freedom and stability
4. The value of keeping connected to our roots
5. Communicating in your non-native tongue

These are the themes of my thoughts as a migrant missus.

Then of course, there is the bit where the natural and man-made beauty of this city we now call home just tickles us pink. The Mister rides to work everyday. Crossing the Harbour Bridge and catching view of the Sydney Opera House never gets old, he says.

Does it ever get old for migrants, I wonder.

Or will I always see this place as a wide-eyed wanderer?

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