Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Wedding Wows & Woes | The Post Wedding Post

I donned a beautiful white dress, was surrounded by those nearest and dearest to me, drank lots of wine and danced barefoot on my wedding day, just as I had dreamed. It was by no means, a flawlessly executed event. It would have fallen to pieces if not for the level-headedness, on-their-toes thinking of the Groom and my events-savvy Soul Sisters in the entourage.

Snafus and delays aside, a lot of things made the Wedding Day special - the backdrop of a charming venue, the comfortable coolness of the City of Pines, the collective happy energy from our less than a hundred guest list of immediate family and dearest friends, and oh! the toasts and speeches!

But ultimately, it was the Mister's completely unexpected, unabashed expression of love (i.e. his wedding vows) that just blew me and everyone away.

I am over the moon and grateful that I married a loving and soulful man with a good, good heart - who has a flair for delightful surprises! The Wedding Day gloriously marked the first day of a lifetime with my kindred spirit, the love of my life, my travel companion on this Great Ride.

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