Saturday, March 08, 2014

Our Oz Visa Journey

Eighteen months of paper preparation, prayers and patience - all for the prospect of a better life Down Under.

March 2012 
G-third takes and passes the IELTS

May 2012 
Char takes and passes the IELTS

June - August 2012 
Research on Visa Options
Research on Skills Assessment process with VETASSESS
Gather documents* for Skills Assessment
*Certificates/Statement of Employment
*Transcript of Records
*Employment Income Records 

September 2012 
Submit G-third's documents* to VETASSESS
*Authenticated copies sent via DHL

October 2012 
G-third lodges EOI* with Skillselect
*Indicates application for Visa Subclass 190 (State Nomination) 
*Specifies Australian Capital Territory (ACT) as preferred State
*Indicates me as Secondary Applicant 

November 2012 
G-third's VETASSESS results arrive via post : POSITIVE*
*Eligible for migration - Yay!

December 2012
Submit Char's documents to VETASSESS

January 2013 
Char's VETASSESS results arrive via post : POSITIVE!

February 2013
Lodge application for State Sponsorship with Canberra

April 2013
Case Officer Assigned
State Sponsorship APPROVED!

May 2013
Australian Government sends Invitation to Apply for Visa
We lodge Application + Visa Fee

June - July 2013
Case Officer Assigned
Interview with Australian Embassy officer re: status of relationship
Uploaded all document requirements

August - December 2013

We wait and wait and wait...

December 23, 2013
Visa Granted!

May 30, 2014 
Off we go!

A big leap, a big move - scary too! But it is absolutely logical and aligned with our heartsongs and desire for joie de vivre.

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