Monday, July 15, 2013

Sub-60 10K Challenge | The Outcome


My best 10K time yet. But it was not sub-60. I did not succeed in this challenge.

In the last two weeks before the race, I already had doubts that I would be able to accomplish what I had set out to do 8 weeks ago. See, running faster was not becoming any easier. By the 6th week, I hadn't reached the point of effortlessness and ease I was aiming for. I may not have pushed myself hard enough during my training. Kulang pa.

Coming into the race last Sunday, I was still hopeful but in my head, I had a more realistic goal of doing a Personal Best.

I did a 15 minute easy run before Gun Start. At Gun Start, I started slow, not wanting to burn out so fast. So I maintained a slow pace for about 15 minutes. At 20 minutes I started to do 1-2 minute intervals.

I knew I was not pacing right when I hit 3 km at 20 minutes. This means I was running at a pace of about 7 mins/km. This was waaaay below the target pace of 5:54 min. So I tried run at a comfortably hard pace. I hit 7 km in 45 mins. That left me with 14 minutes and 3 km to go, which means that if I planned to make it in 59 minutes, I had to run at a pace of 4.6 mins/km! Impossible!

Upon seeing the Finish Line at 1:03 +++  minutes, I remember feeling disappointed and defeated. Nonetheless, I sprinted to the Finish, overtaking two boys, and clocking in at about 1:04 +++

This Challenge isn't over yet. I'm still keen on achieving that sub-60 - I know it's in there somewhere.

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