Wednesday, June 05, 2013

The Sub-60 10 Kilometer Challenge

I believe this was brought on by two things:

1. My dear friend P.'s recent maiden marathon feat.
2. The upcoming 50 KM run that was on my plate at the time.

'Tis the season of breaking limits so why not add a little short distance run in the mix?

Thus, the Sub-60 10K Challenge was born. I would like to put myself to the test, up the ante on my running and bring my finishing time down to ... 59 minutes!

They say you can only manage what you can measure.  So, let's break down the numbers, shall we?

1. My Personal Best for 10K is 1 hr  5 mins.
2. Current average pace would be 6 mins 30 secs/km
3. I am aiming for 59 mins.
4. That means I need to shave off 6 mins to my total time.
5. The target pace for a 59 min finish would be 5 mins 54 secs/kilometer.
6. Which means I have to run 36 secs faster than my current average pace.

The numbers don't seem so big, but on the run, 30 seconds is a long time to sustain a pace!

So I come to this challenge with a plan. An 8-week Training Plan, to be exact. This is actually the first time I'm following a structured training plan before a race. I've been more of the run-from-your-gut kinda gal. So let's see how this one will pan out. The main event : the Runfest 2013.

Six weeks to go! I am on Week 2 of the training plan, and so far, have not missed a run. (Working from home has definitely helped!)

How has it been so far? Well, I have my good running days and my bad running days. I'm happy to report that today was a good running day.  Bad running days usually come after a too-heavy meal that was not digested too well. But today was 45 minutes of steady running in early morning sunshine. Does wonders for the spirit during AND after the workout. :)
Will I break the 60-minute barrier on race day? That's just one of the many things I ponder on as my feet hit the pavement. But ultimately, I'm happy just to run.

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