Saturday, May 04, 2013

Ticking Off Happy Things and More A-Coming

I LOVE LISTS. I love writing 'em and I especially love ticking off things as DONE.  Especially when the things are things that make my heart sing!

Let the (happy) tick-off commence!

1. Training for Finish the 50 km event of TNF 100 - DONE! 
There are things you realize when you are on your feet for 13 hours. 

One, when you love something, you keep doing it. Even if it becomes difficult. Even if others are better at it than you. Even if it kills your toenails. Twice.

Two, things will get messy and dirty. Roll with it.

And three, you are stronger and more able than you think. 
Would I do it again? Yes, definitely.

2. Canberra State Nomination feedback (go or no go?) - It is a GO!/*/

The Fiance filed the Visa Application earlier today. *Deep breath* This year is really shaping up to be The-One-With-All The-Life-Changing Things. *Fingers crossed*

3. Wedding Planning :) - STEADY!

I am delighted that certain details of the wedding have been settled:

* The Officiant : Check! Absolutely thrilled that the elusive Fr. R. has agreed to minister the marriage ceremony. 
* The Wedding Reception Venue : Made the deposit to reserve our wedding reception venue today. 
* Pending : Permission from my local parish to wed outside of it. Will deliver the letter to our Parish Priest on Sunday. 

Zen Bride Mode on.

4. Reboot + Independence Training in Baguio - HAPPENING SOON!

Long-term lodging has been found. Likely to be in the City of Pines by the end of May and stay there ... indefinitely.

5. El Nido, Palawan with the girls - DONE (TOO SOON!) 

EPIC. What I love about traveling with my girls is that they teach me to never lose my sense of childlike wonder at the world. 
More A-Coming!

6. North Luzon cycling tour with Twinstah - SOON! 

Must set Itinerary and sit down with the Twin. June perhaps?

7. Get inked - SOON!

Have design and color scheme in mind. Just waiting for funding. And the right timing. 

Some additions to the list:

8. Run a sub-60 10K. 

Eight week training program to commence on the 26th of May and culminate at the Run on the 14th of July.
This weekend warrior will attempt to level up her running PR.

9. Learn to be comfortable in the water again. 

Water has somehow become my  frienemy. I love it but I'm afraid of being in it. How strange coming from a girl who so eagerly took up surfing and scuba-diving! Did some kind of "fear" hormone kick in when the thirties rolled in?

And then there's:

10. Discover the Thing I'm Really Good That People Will Pay Me For It and So I Don't Need To Work For Someone Else 

This is the trickiest and most elusive one. But I have faith that I will get there, and that the journey is worthwhile.

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