Friday, April 05, 2013

Migration Wheels in Motion

I am happy to report some rocky road life developments on the Oz migration front.

Yesterday, G. received word from the Migration Information and Services in Canberra that a Case Officer has been assigned to him. A CO is basically someone who assesses the documents and gives you a go or no-go signal. He has the power to make our dreams come true or break our hearts.

This is how the migration process has unfolded thus far (all G-third's papers) :

Mar 2012     IELTS Exam, Overall Score 8.0 

Sep 2012     Submitted documents to VETASSES for Skills Assessment

Oct 2012     Expression of Interest (EOI) Lodged with the Department of Immigration and 

Nov 2012    VETASSESS Skills Assessment Outcome : POSITIVE, Eligible for Migration Purposes

Feb 2013     Lodged Application for Nomination for State Sponsorship with Canberra 

Apr 2013    Case Officer Assigned (30 days after lodging)

Now, it could be a matter of days or weeks before we hear from the CO again.

*Crossing fingers*

If all goes well, I could be writing this blog from the Land Down Under this time next year.

Imagine that.

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