Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Minion's Last Day Report + The First Five Days + The Road to Abundance

The last couple of weeks and days leading to March 15th (a.k.a. The Last Day) was a flurry of activity as my superiors thrust some last-minute projects on my lap to complete. No taper period for this minion! I was squeezed until the very last hour, literally, as I closed shop at past 9 PM.  After taking one last look at my cube, I turned off the lights, locked the office door and clocked out for the last time.

It was a bittersweet moment. I knew I would not miss minionship at all. But goodbyes are never easy. My boss had left three hours earlier.  We both held back tears as we hugged, and she wished me well. I will miss our mid-morning coffee ritual. I think it's that pocket of time with her everyday that I will miss most of all.

*a moment of melancholic silence*

Sigh. Okay. So now I have been an ex-minion for 5 days. What has it been like?

I feel as if I am .... UNRAVELING. In a very good way. I feel a lightness of being. Not having to wake up before the sun (after only four hours of sleep, at that), not having to hurry to catch the early shuttle (without even having time to dry my hair!), and not being a sounding board of all that is wrong with the company (and its characters) - does wonders for the spirit. I am deliriously delighted at being able to get an adequate amount of sleep (7 hours!), having the time and energy to go for a run AND yoga, and being free from other minions' hang-ups. Makes me wanna do the *happy dance*

Let it not go unsaid though, that the one thing that is making me anxious about ex-minionship is the absence of a stable paycheck. I have enough to tide me over for a month, but beyond that, ... is a mystery.

Perhaps quitting my job, when I have so little resources, is counterintuitive to financial wisdom. But, I beg to disagree. Something tells me that going down this road is what will lead me to abundance. Something tells me that it is time to focus on things that make my heart sing and be open to opportunities that will make use of them - opportunities that benefit other people as well as myself - then the wealth will come.  That is what I believe.

In fact, I think I think something like it is happening now. For the past 3 days, I have been on the computer, working on small projects for a luxury real estate company. They found me through an ad I posted about my visual aid design services. They basically tapped me to design their sales presentation and e-brochure, and some copywriting for newsletters and e-mailers. And so, these small projects have added up to a decent amount of money. Decent enough to fund an upcoming trip to Palawan.

But what strikes me most is how I feel when I am in the process of accomplishing these projects.  When I am creating Powerpoint presentations, laying out text and images on a page, and writing, I feel engaged, and I find myself having fun. And when something is done out of joy - it comes out really great.

Maybe it's too soon to say, but I believe I may be on to something here. I think of it this way, I've been a minion for 10(!) years in steady jobs, getting stable monthly paychecks. And I have nothing to show for it. There just has to be another way. And it is very possible that ex-minionship is the way to go. Ex-minionship gives me time to focus on my gifts and harness them to fulfill my needs and that of others.  Not to mention that it will keep me on my toes, so I have that extra push to answer opportunities when they come a-knockin'.

In the meantime (and speaking of toes), this ex-minion's gonna go a-runnin'!

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