Friday, February 01, 2013

I Will Be Good To My Heart Manifesto

I will be good to my heart because it is the conduit of wisdom and joy. I will take care of it through kindness and patience and love, especially when faced with the mean, the cranky and the unlovable.

I will allow it to expand and grow by taking risks and doing scary things. Not the foolish and reckless kinds, but the ones that I know are not easy but in the end will make me more resilient and braver and better at doing stuff.

I will laugh, play, run and dance. I will ride my bike. I will learn how to swim. My heart is delighted  and grows stronger when in motion.

I will pray and give thanks to my heart's Creator.

I will do things that must be done cheerfully, even when they are mundane and unpleasant.

I will nurture relationships with my family and friends, and take care of their hearts too.

I will love without condition. It's hard but I will try.

When my heart is broken, I will mend it with forgiveness.

I will take care of my heart so that when  faced with a tough decision, it will in the best condition to do what is right and true.

I will listen to it. My heart is unique and will always beat to its own rhythm. I will march to that beat, even if it means being out of sync with others.

I will find time for silence and solitude so I can hear its song.

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