Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Little Things

♥ The smell and taste of freshly brewed coffee on a cold, rainy morning

♥ The walk through Ayala Triangle Garden on my way to the office

♥ Changing into my heels at the start of the day

♥ Changing back into my flats at the end of the day

♥ The way red lipstick makes me feel fiercer

♥ The way my Blackberry's backlight dims as it goes into sleep mode

♥ My parents telling me to "Have a good day" before I leave for work

♥ The one-ride commute to work

♥ Portable music

♥ Lisa Loeb, U2, EBTG playing on the radio

♥ Warm shawl in a chilly office

♥ The tingly anticipation of an upcoming trip

Thank You for the little things :)

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