Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The Zen Minion Has Decided

... to end her minionship effective 102 days from today. :)

Something shifted between today and the day I declared zen minionionship some months ago. Despite the  efforts to reframe the situation and put a positive spin on things, at some point, I started to feel...stuck. And uninspired. And disengaged. And sad.

Suddenly this minion lost her desire to become a senior minion. Was it the workplace that crushed this desire? Or the mind-numbing commute through crawling rush-hour traffic? Maybe. All I know for sure is, I cannot not see myself sitting in this particular cube this time around next year. It's time to get un-stuck.

And so a plan for ex-minionship is brewing. Timelines: set. Speeches: rehearsed and delivered. Documents :  prepared and submitted. Applications: sent. Prayers : whispered. Saints : called to for intervention.

In 102 days, I'll leave this cube and leave this city. It is Day 1 on the path to ex-minionship : I can feel my life opening up already.


Char Salinas said...

"Suddenly this minion lost her desire to become a senior minion."

Well, it wasn't really "suddenly". Losing my taste for senior minionship is a result of the accretion of introspections; self-observing emotions against events and reactions to people, places and things; acknowledging personal values; and the influence of the Significant Other.

I suppose it is my desire to, as Jon Bovi sings, "live while I'm alive", that spurns me to never settle. Yes,it is my nature to stick to things that do not bring me joy for too long, thinking that one can always make the best out of an ugly situation. The good thing is I can claim that I tried to plough through when things got tough and did not run away at the first sign of discomfort.

But then when it's time to go, it's time to go.

*A&a* said...

yey you! :)