Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Zen Minion | A Magis Minion Moment

I am usually tolerant of organizational ills. But even this minion's seemingly bottomless pit of patience has a threshold. And when that threshold is breached, the need to speak up is unstoppable.

Some months ago, I gave the incorrigible head of our operations team a piece of my mind. We were in the process of revisiting our company's VMV (vision,mission and values) - an intervention with the ultimate goal of reinivigorating the people.

Yet in the face of this effort, this appointed leader expressed much cynicism. I HAD TO say something. And I did. I attempted to say it diplomatically but I was so dismayed that there was a hint of anger in my voice. And to my mini-outburst, he responded by saying somewhat condescendingly, Good luck, kid.

Fast forward to five months later. In a meeting with a handful of managers, he singles me out and calls me his "lighthouse" and "guru". What a peculiar turn of events! It seems that my expression of disapproval at his behavior somehow caused him re-frame his mindset. He was quite surprised that this tiny person could speak up to someone of his designation. And in small, subtle ways it would seem he has become more positive in his dealings with his people.

Now, this was not a man who had garnered the trust of his subordinates. Nonetheless, to be on the receiving end of his praises was still, ultimately, an honor. I would consider it a testament to the wonders that happen when a minion strives to be magis - something more.

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