Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Running the Rocky Road

Ang sayaaaaaaaaa! 

That was my post-game analysis report on the Nature's Trail Discovery Run in Tanay, Rizal last Sunday.*

But the road to this happiness was not without its trying moments. For a good part of the run, I was actually in a state of discomfort. I must have started out too fast and within the first kilometer I was breathing quite heavily. I felt nauseated and had to will the tuna sandwich I had for breakfast two hours earlier to stay down. 

I was struggling. I was breathing heavily, exhaling through my mouth the whole time. I did not feel graceful or powerful. I could not even smile for the photographers documenting the run. Happiness was the last thing I was feeling.

And then good ol' Momma Nature shook me out of my misery. This little trail runner's weary spirit was soothed by the cool morning breeze, the fresh mountain air and the canopy of foliage and trees.

The highlight of this run was a 2-kilometer climb leading to a summit with a view of a sea of clouds through slivers of mountain grass. WOW. This is why I do this.  Momma Nature sure knows how to put on a show!

The climb was some kind of a heartbreaker. A lot of runners had slowed down on the steep ascent and there was a bit of  jam to the summit. Downhill, there was another  jam as the descent forced runners to sit on their bums and slide single-file for most of the way down. Weeeeeeeee! Thud,thud. Weeeeeeee!

The little rocky road runner on far right.

Post-mountain, I felt a little bit more upbeat - albeit caked with soil and slightly out of breath. On a swig of Clif Shot + a  morsel of Clif Bar + water + willpower, this little trail runner was able to get through more stretches of crunchy rocky road, a hanging a bridge, a shallow river which looped back to the crunchy rocky road which led all the way to the sweet, sweet place that is the Finish Line. 

As a race volunteer thrust a bottle of water and banana in my arms, my one and only thought was: Ang sayaaaaaaaa!

I am definitely signing up for the second leg. For more happiness. 

I was in the 10 km category.

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