Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Zen Minion | The Dilemma

It seems that my life dreams and desires are in a constant state of edition and revision. One day I claim to be a minion striving to be magis, the next day I'm itching to get out of the cube -for good.

Inspite of my renewed energy and motivation to strive to thrive in the corporate world, a part of me dreams of blissful, unstructured days spent running trails, combing beaches, cycling coastlines, hiking mountains.

More and more, as I do snippets of these outdoor activities on weekends and vacation leaves, I realize that there is a WHOLE WORLD out there to be seen and heard and tasted and felt and touched. How can I possibly do that confined in a cube? Weekends and vacation leaves are not nearly enough.

What I want to do I is to go on an adventure.

Perhaps this is the internal conflict that my Saturn Return is bringing to the fore for resolution. Could this restlessness be taken as a sign that I am not quite where I ought to be yet and therefore must keep editing, revising and refining my life choices?

Oh but then what of the magis minion manifesto?

It is still on. There's no other way to do it than to do it awesomely. I am where I am and while I'm here, I might as well BE HERE.

There is a time to stay, and a time to get away.:)


Tippie O. Tan said...

A wise man named Socrates once said, an unexamined life is not worth living.

Constantly asking, constantly making and remaking decisions, and constantly adjusting the paradigm is part of what makes us alive, I think.

We're never "there" really, because the moment we get there, there's an all-together new adventure that must be pursued.

I think your debate with the inner self on "minionship" is healthy and only shows that you're on this road of constant improvement.

And we'll have our getaway... soon hopefully! I seriously need a tan. And a liposuction. Hahahaha!

Char Salinas said...

Thank you, pareng Socrates. :)

You offered some striking wisdom yourself by saying:

"We're never "there" really, because the moment we get there, there's an all-together new adventure that must be pursued."

I like that you painted life as a never-ending series of adventures. And that really, the adventure isn't out there. It is in us. (Naks, profound!)

(Ang sarap pag-usapan ng ganitong mga bagay sa beach, while getting a tan.)