Friday, March 02, 2012

The Zen Minion | On Minionship

For a daydreaming, somewhat hedonistic life gypsy, being part of a structured organization would probably not be the best place to thrive.  And yet I've managed to live a good part of my work life in the cube, with pretty satisfactory commendations. I'm chalking it up to my Capricorn attributes.

But really, it's not as bad as the hippies paint it to be. Being a minion has its advantages. The clockwork pay, for one. Dismal as one's paycheck may seem after taxes are deducted, one cannot deny the comfort and consolation of having a steady, reliable income. The bills get paid, dates, vacations, meals, shiny and new things and life's pleasures get funded. Even if it is all in exchange for sometimes soul-less work and dealing with difficult bosses and small minded fellow minions, and imperfect processes and a long commute - at the end of the day, you earn your keep.

Another benefit of minionship is that it builds character - but only if you are an engaged and willing learner. Corporate minions who do not want to lose their souls must learn the art of detachment, self-mentoring and proactivity. If your minionship is in a place where all systems are solid and supportive of each other, good on you. Otherwise, the minion must consciously find a way to not be sucked into the vortex of negativity.

This minion shortly after leaving one such vortex, finds herself sucked into another. I could choose to leave. But to be perfectly honest, I no longer want to expend energy on another round of interviews, gathering of requirements, and getting over a learning curve. So I'm staying put. For now, at least. It's not the ideal place to be, but still I am thankful that, no deep seated values are being violated, that my health is not in danger, that the bills are getting paid, that the hours are humane, and that I'm tasked to do what I do pretty well. Not a bad deal at all. My soul, though restless, is still pretty much intact.

If and when I decide to leave, it will be to grow something of my own.

Meanwhile, I am learning that it is perfectly possible to have a ho-hum day job and have a rockin' life outside of it.

But then again, you wouldn't put it past a daydreaming, somewhat hedonistic life gyspy to be cooking up an exit plan...