Thursday, February 16, 2012

Facebook Asked Me What Was On My Mind And This Is What I Said

Connection. The beautiful mystery of two seemingly remote paths crossing at some point around the bend and converging as if it were one path all along.

Life. How precious and precarious. How we sometimes fret and fuss over the most trivial things and forget that in the Greater Scheme of Things, the trivial things don't matter.

Beauty. How it is pursued and purchased. How it is perceived by the beholder. That the physical kind can be fleeting. That Audrey Hepburn knew exactly what was beautiful and became it.

Work. How it is a burden or a blessing depending on how you frame it. How it can be enabling not just financially but also cognitively and socially. That what matters is not what you do for a living but how you do it. That being a corporate minion is not bad or shameful -but being minion-minded is.

Love. How it comes in many forms. That it is a decision, not a feeling. That love thrives where there is truth and freedom.