Sunday, January 08, 2012

Creativity Challenge Day 30 | In With the New

I want to hit the ground running this year!

The final post for the 30-Day Creativity Challenge. My first post for the year. :)

Wrapping up The Challenge

Doing the Challenge was FUN! So yeah, it wasn't done in 30 consecutive days like I originally intended, but it has been completed.:) I think I'm gonna keep posting drawings on my blog - as long as the inspiration comes.

Wrapping up The Year That Was

The ushering of a new year calls for retrospection. 2011 was the year I...

  • Celebrated my 29th birthday in Batad with my kindred spirits and soul sisters.
  • Ran my first full marathon.

  • Saw a little bit more of the world with G-third as we walked the streets of Ho Chi Minh, marveled at the temples of Siem Reap and hung out at the backpacker district of Bangkok.

  • Joined  the XTERRA Duathlon with my best friend W, and had an unfortunate bike breakdown

  • Learned something new : art lessons and yoga. (Both of which I intend to pursue still)

  • Kicked an unhealthy habit, finally : goodbye cigarettes

  • Rode Becky on the trails of La Mesa, Maarat and Kota Kinabalu

  • Struggled and wrestled with expectations, judgements and inner demons and came out enlightened through heartfelt conversations and quiet reflection.

~ ~ ~ 

This Year...

  • I pray for wisdom, courage, serenity, patience, kindness and temperance.

  • I will continue to listen to the stirrings of my soul, sing to the tune of my heartsong and march to my own drumbeat.

  • I will declutter (my space, my mind, my heart) and keep things simple.


Two virtues I will strive to live by..

Corragio et Amore. 

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