Monday, October 03, 2011

Tambay Mode in Thailand / In Closing

Day 4 - 5 : Bangkok, Thailand

We arrived early evening, checked into a hostel on Rambuttri road, freshened up and by 8 pm were out the door for dinner. After having our fill of Pad Thai and a spicy chicken dish, we crossed the street to Khao San Road where we were barraged by a melange of clothing goods, foodstuff and other wares displayed on the street. This is where we scored a pair of  nice linen pants for G-third, a nifty t-shirt for me and two coin purses for G-third's nieces. The coin purse came in a set of two. A little person who could not speak keyed in digits on a calculator : 150. G-third took the calculator and punched in 110. The little person nodded in agreement, hastily. We felt pretty good about our bargaining skills until the next day, when near our hostel, a lady sold us a set of 4 coin purses for THB 100. Gotta work on those haggling skills.

Nighttime on Rambuttri Road found us tourist-watching over mucho-sized bottles of Singha beer. Happy, steady, and slightly tipsy. Here is when I realized that half of the fun of this trip is due to the one I'm with.:)

After downing the giant brews, we called it a night. Goodnight, Bangkok. See ya, Manila.


The Southeast Asian Sojourn has ended. This life gypsy has gotten back to the grind, back to her daily routine and her corner cubicle. The sights and insights have been documented and filed for future reference and reminiscings.  But just wait and see, it will not be long before she packs her bags and flees this concrete jungle once again. :)

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