Thursday, October 06, 2011

Creativity Challenge Day 2 | Flora on Felt / On Happiness and the Present

This time, I copied from life. Sort of. This flower print was inspired by a printed malong. Here I learned that white oil pastel is perfect for details and highlights. :)

In other news, today I woke up with a grateful heart. It hit me that serenity and inner peace comes when one stops wishing to be elsewhere. It comes when one is fully aware of the present and engages in the moment at hand. I believe that's why activities like running and drawing are such happy things to do - they focus your mind on what's in front of you and in the moment.

No more yearning for what is not or what should be. This moment is perfect as it is.

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Mrs O said...

I love the colors! :-) And happy for you to be in such a great place. I am there with you in spirit! *mwah*