Monday, October 03, 2011

The 30- Day Creativity Challenge

The lustre and novelty of the new job has worn off. The newness and unfamiliarity had me on my toes when I started. Six months later, I've gotten into the rhythm of things and settled into a familiar, repetitive routine.
My workplace, although imperfect, has grown on me and the days that I drag my feet to work are few.  I am happy that my bread and butter comes from doing what I do best - facilitating learning.

And yet restlessness comes. I suppose such is the nature of a life gypsy - never fully settled, always ready and poised to take on something new.

It is with this restlessness that I blurted out to G-third one night, " I need a creative outlet."

And he goes, "E di, why not draw and draw until you become really good at it?"

Why not? Lightbulb!

So thus was borne the 30-Day Creativity Challenge. The Creativity part states that I must produce one handmade artwork a day, and the Challenge is to do it for 30 days.

Day 1 starts tomorrow!

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Mrs O said...

Awww Chaw! First, I'm happy you've settled in the job and you've found your calling to facilitate learning! It's awesome right? And you're perfect for the job :-)

Second - I love this 30-day Creativity Challenge! Life is not all about work and this is a perfect outlet and expansion of yourself :-)

Third (as in hello G-Third!) - namiss tuloy kita sobra.