Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oh Hello Ho Chi Minh!

Day 1 : Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Although this was the least pleasant part of our trip, Ho Chi Minh is still worth visiting for the gastronomic and aesthetic delights. This city is a haven for war history buffs and architecture nuts. Veering away from the touristy trail, G-third and I did a DIY tour on foot to get a feel of local life.
The streets we passed were lined with fashion boutiques, café’s and shops selling assorted wares. Food stalls littered the sidewalk. The Vietnamese have a tambay culture – all around, you see a bunch of men in the café’s chatting away.
There are motorbikes everywhere - zipping through the streets and parked on the sidewalks. There were more motorbikes than cars, and crossing the street was an extra challenge!
So here’s a short rundown of what was hot and not in Ho Chi Minh:
The weather
The tree-lined avenues
The food
The aesthetically striking-French colony inspired structures
Motorbikes galore!

The non-English speaking locals
The jacking up of prices for the tourists
Highly recommended for city slickers and architecture aficionados. Temple trippers can take the first bus out to Cambodia upon landing in Vietnam. To view photos from our Ho Chi Minh walkabout, click here.

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