Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Three Life Regrets

A group of elderly men and women were interviewed and asked about life satisfaction.

Their life regrets can be summed up in three points :

1. I wish I took more risks.

2. I wish I were more focused.

3. I wish I had given more of myself.

Look at your life now and ask yourself if you are:

1. Living within your comfort zone

2. Going any which way the wind blows

3. Centered on yourself

If you answered yes, then you may just find yourself in your twilight years with the Three Life Regrets. Surely, this is not a future to be desired.

And yet many of us live life half-asleep - going through the motions of our daily routines, bearing with jobs we don't like, lamenting failed relationships, wallowing in loneliness and melancholy and finding fleeting relief in material things and consumeristic activities. Many would be content to live life this way. Never struggling, never questioning. Perhaps they don't feel the need to do so.

But there are some of us who want to make this life count. There are some of us who want magis - something more. We want to be fully engaged in life. We want to leap out of bed and cannot wait to get our day started. We want joie de vivre - the joy of life. We see ourselves on our 90th birthdays being honored for our courage and our extraordinary life experiences - feeling content and at peace with absolutely no regrets.

This blog is dedicated to eliminating the Three Life Regrets by providing references, insights, and tools that will jolt you from the mundane and guide you on a journey to a life of purpose and passion.

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