Thursday, October 21, 2010

Love and My Life Agenda

Earlier this year, I proclaimed that 2010 was going to be all about me. It was the year I would go beyond my comfort zone and hustle to reach my full potential. Falling in love was not at all on my agenda.

But Life, oh, Life had other ideas. Life brought a former schoolmate/fellow runner and outdoor - lover a few cubicles from mine. This kindred spirit had the bright idea of setting me up with a friend of hers. "I think you'll like him, " she said, "He's insightful like you." And so one night in January, a day after my 28th birthday, we were introduced. Three weeks later, this insightful man -He Who Got Me - and I decided to make it official.

He Who Got Me got me through thoughtful conversations over dinner, anecdotes over coffee, a copy of his iPod playlists, casual chats on YM, a Cynthia Alexander gig, a Sandra Bullock movie, a smooth move to hold my hand and an even smoother one to kiss me. Being on the receiving end of these romantic gestures had me glowing for days!

Romantic gestures can only go so far. He Who Got Me still has me now because He Who Got Me gets me. He knows of my quirks and idiosyncracies and has embraced them wholeheartedly, even finds some of them endearing. He is my pillar of wisdom and a source of comfort. I'm learning so much of the practicals and proverbials of life. Plus, he introduced me to a new way of seeing the land : on two wheels. And oh, how he makes me laugh!

You just know you've hit jackpot when you have butterflies in your tummy, and at the same time, serenity in your heart.

But wait, there's more.

I've always known that I would willingly quit my job and uproot myself for the man I love. I would willingly cross oceans and time zones. What do you know, He Who Got Me has indeed been cooking up plans to pack up and go to greener and happier pastures. I find myself not doubting for one moment that I'd be ready to do the same. Because I know that wherever he is - is and will be home to me.

But what about the year that was going to be all about me? Have I given up my dreams because of a man? Que horror!

On the contrary, my dreams have EXPANDED because of this man. If leaving my homeland and immersing in another culture isn't going beyond my comfort zone, I don't know what is. If exploring professional or education opportunities in a foreign land isn't hustling to reach my full potential, I don't know what is.

I've never had grand plans of building empires, climbing up the corporate ladder, amassing wealth or accumulating a collection of haute couture and designer heels. Ultimately, I want to live a life of passion, courage, curiosity, joy and love. My life thus far, I'm proud to say, has been marked with such. Having He Who Got Me in my life has cranked up the passion, courage, curiosity, joy and love to another level!

So, thank you, Life for not sticking to the agenda.

And to He Who Got Me, G-third : It's been eight months, and I'm still glowing.

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Tippie O. Tan said...

Awww luv! I am truly, truly happy for you. I'm glad he got you, and even more so that you got him. You both deserve no one less.