Friday, October 22, 2010


Instead of trying to look for that ONE thing, why not do the MANY things that call out to me?

Who says I can't be an organisational psychologist-by-day, an artist/writer-by-night, and a runner every weekend (and on at least three weeknights)?

My history seems to point me in the direction of a life of interdisciplines. And I don't mean to use the word as a euphemism for lack of focus. Perhaps the likes of me are just built to be drawn to and be good at a variety of interests.

Now this takes a load off. Instead of trying to zero in on that one thing, I can take pleasure in the multiple pursuits that pull at my heartstrings.

And you know what? Up to this point, I have been doing just that!

The search has ended. The living in the moment begins.

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