Saturday, September 12, 2009

It never ends

Answered questions spawn even more questions.

It can go either way - move you to action or paralyze you with fear and doubt.
Do you stay? Do you go? Do you wait it out? Do you take that class? That trip? That job?

Lately, I've been feeling unsettled. Restless. I'm here but I ought to be there.Somewhere else.

One thing is clear to me. Life is not random. My existence (and yours) is not an accident.

Life is too short not to be spent in the pursuit of dreams.

Is it just one all-encompassing dream? Or is it a string of little dreams that will make life sweeter?

One's life mission is that cross between our hunger and the world's needs.

It's a matter of determining what matters most to me, what gives me joy, what inspires me and pursuing THAT.

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