Monday, September 21, 2009

Change your mind. Change your world.

O sha. Tama na emo.

Problema sa 'tin, we keep harping on what's wrong with the world. Let's focus on what's right this time.

My life is amazing.

I have a great support system in the form of my parents and brothers.

I'm working for a global brand, that sells kick-ass beauty products and an inspiring history.

I live in a clean, walkable city.

I have the best soul sisters.

I have healthy working feet and legs (and heart and lungs) for running.

I have good, acne-free skin.

I get along with my superiors and my colleagues at work.

The commute to work is relatively short and hassle-free.

I have seen many wonderful places in and out of the country.

I have climbed mountains and will climb many more.

I have loved and lost (and loved and lost again) with no regrets.

I have a great eye for vintage.

I'm young and the world is opening up to me!

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wins said...

snaps for you! *_*