Thursday, December 18, 2008


8- Total number of objects of affection.

THE PROFILE: The Johnny Depp Archetype

5 out of 8 of said crushes can be categorically defined as 'bad boys'.
5 out of 8 smoke.
2 out 8 sport tattoos.
2 out of 8 are musically inclined. 1 was a vocalist, the other a bassist.

THE PAST: The Girl Before They Meet The One

4 out of 8 are all but remnants of the past - memories.
2 out of 8 evolved into relationships, which broke down, and both of them ended up marrying the woman they got together with after me.
1 out of 8 was the filler between the aforemetioned 2. He too ended up with someone else after me. They're still together.

THE PRESENT: The Unattainable Ones (It's Never Going To Happen)

3 out of 8 are current and ongoing. Each with varying degrees of intensity.
2 out of 8 are very recent additions and are officially off the market.
1 out of 8 is not as recent. Also officially off the market.


Object of Affection # 9 is still unnamed. Where, when and how I will meet him remains to be seen.

I'm fervently hoping that my 'patterns' don't take effect.

Oh, except for the Johnny Depp Archetype. I think I'll always have a weakness for those. :-)

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