Monday, December 08, 2008

On Twilight

Verdict is in. The novel-turned-film about the young lass who falls in love with a good-looking vampire? I liked it.

Granted, some lines that seemed romantic on paper, when translated to the screen, ilicited an inner cringe. I suppose some are better left read than heard. Nevertheless, one must put the dialogue in the context of a twisted fairy tale set in modern times - conversations will be surreal.

In any case, I liked it. The Bella-Edward dynamic resonated with certain, um, personal experiences.

Like Bella, I am also attracted to the striking outsider. The one who won't blend in. The one who is the opposite of he boy-next-door. The boy with the hidden pain.

And it seems I'm also drawn to the bloodsuckers. (The figurative kind.) That's another entry altogether.

But also, on an existential level, I think Bella represents that part of me that feels...what is it...hollow? numb? and aches to be filled, awakened. Edward's appearance jolted her awake from her cold and stoic stupor and she was consumed by it. It brought her pain, and her death almost, and yet she had never been so ALIVE.

It's been a while since I've been consumed. By anyone or anything for that matter.

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