Tuesday, November 18, 2008


People close to me will agree. I am a fearless creature, bordering on reckless.

I learned to surf with only mediocre swimming skills and a smoker's lungs at that.
I have a penchant for confessing my attraction to the objects of my affection.
I take public transportation to places with all but vague directions and little geographical knowledge.
I once wrote a note to a complete stranger, asking for him for his name (and with my number scribbled on it.)
When I was just learning to drive, I snuck the car out and hit a potted plant as I struggled to ease out of our parking space.
I've kissed on first dates.
I commute in high heels.
Recently, I cut my hair short.

Thing is, I have no qualms about asking a guy I like to see a movie with me or taking up a seemingly risky sport. However, I still find it difficult to say my piece at a staff meeting or to a questionable imposition by my superiors.

If only I could be as fearless in the boardroom as I am elsewhere in life.

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