Monday, November 03, 2008

It Was No 10K, But It Sure Rocked

I ran.

Around the football field, past that big college hall with the university's emblem on it, along the road that leads to Katipunan Avenue, along Bellarmine Field, past the parking lot and back again. I ran on a muggy evening and sweat formed as soon as I broke into a steady jog. It jolted my cardiovascular system awake. I didn't think my lungs and heart could take that route without breaking into a walk, but they did.

My favorite part? That point when you get your rhythm down,and your breathing and your feet and your mind become one.

A memorable line from one of my favorite novels, The Solitaire Mystery is, "When you want to find yourself, stay where you are." I agree. However, it could also be said that when you want to find yourself, RUN. As in take up your shoes, find an open road, and RUN. Running, I'm beginning to see, can clear your head and give you a renewed sense of la vie. Could be the endorphins at work. Doesn't matter. What I know is after running, I felt happier, more at peace, less agitated. Which is more than I can say for a smoke. (Not that I'm quitting. Yet.)

Let's see how far this will go.

I'm adding running shoes to my wish list this Christmas :-)

(Special thanks to Wins and Tala, running aficionados.My primary influences.And Ninoy, my bro and running partner.)

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