Thursday, October 16, 2008

When Your Own Words Fail...

...take someone else's. Here's something that sums up my state of being at the moment.From Meditations For Women Who Do Too Much: "Each of us is a cosmos unto ourselves.When we are living our lives fully,we are separate persons and we are also one with the universe.We are ourselves with our boundaries,and we are also connected with all things. Luckily,we are not really asked to live any one else's life.All we have to do is live our own,and that seems to be quite enough for us. When we live life fully,we allow ourselves to taste the range of our experiences.We see what we see,feel what we feel,and know what we know.We accept every opportunity to live out of our own souls. Luckily,living life fully is not a task.It is an opportunity."

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