Thursday, April 03, 2008

Manang Clarita

Manang Clarita has been with Mama's family since she (Manang) was 16 years old. She's in her 70's now, but still quick on her feet. She's remained single all her life but she has adopted around 3 stray cats and treats them like her children, cooing and scolding them as any parent would.

She is such a blessing to the family, cleaning our house and cooking our food, while we go about our own businesses.

She's very particular about the food expenses of the household and Papa once commented that she's more demanding than my mother when it comes to leaving money for our meals. She won't let Papa leave unless he forks over cash for our daily "compra."

She's a little hard of hearing and you have to look at her directly when speaking to her so she can read your lips. One time I was craving for a snack, so I get 20 pesos from my wallet, walk up to her and say:

Me: "Manang, pabili ako ng Tortillos..."

Manang: " Barquillos?"

Me (slightly louder):"Tortillos"

Manang: "Taquitos?"

Me: "Tor-til-los."

Manang:" Barquillos?"

Me (resorting to the only junk food she's familiar with): "A, Piattos na lang."

Manang: "Ah."

Sigh. She's the best. :-)

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