Sunday, December 09, 2007

Girls Night In

Over chocolate and cheese
And free - flowing drinks
The doctors-to-be
The up and coming marketing star
The bum
The corporate slavette
Gathered round a table
Laughed, cried, munched and drank through
The break up
The possible hook up
The long distance relationship
The German boyfriend
The getting married in two years
The baby nephew's tricks
The shitty day at work
The career search
The making out with the non-boyfriend boyfriend
The Trillanes hoopla
The other woman
The ideal man
The engagement
The things that truly matter

Finally we emptied that darned bottle of red wine
Nights like these are over too soon

- For Jobern, Tippie, Toni and Winna
(And Mau - who "joined" us briefly and Tala - who couldn't be there because she had to nurse her man)

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