Sunday, December 09, 2007

10 Bits

1. Imported recording artist I would miss work/sleep and pay good money to see: Sarah McLachlan

2. Dream jobs: Travel journalist, Underwater photographer

3. What I did as a kid when no one was looking: Dance ballet

4. What my mom used to do that I hated: Make me sing in front of relatives

5. People I know personally whom I admire because of their vision and passion for what they do: Dennis Arroyo, Denise Haak, Cherry Sampayan, Dennis Balajadia

6. Radio stations I listen to: NU 107, Jam 88.3

7. Bad habits I'm trying to break: Sleeping with make up on, sleeping in my dayclothes

8. My fashion philosophy: Dressing up is an art. It's about symmetry, proportion, balance, detail, color and self-expression.

9. My ideal significant other archetype: Good boy with an edge

10. Sleep in or Wake up early?: Wake up early

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