Thursday, November 29, 2007

I Know! I Know! I Should Be Sleeping...

Got off the phone with Tippie 15 minutes ago for what turned out to be a mega marathon of a phonecall. Started off with me ranting about something that happened at work which then led to a variety of topics from the staples (love lives or lack thereof, life updates) to future event planning (funeral ceremony particulars, wedding day particulars) to inanities (Humpy Dumpy has a new packaging that vaguely resembles a Doritos bag). Things that only the best of friends can go on and on about until past one in the morning.

Eto ka, magkikita pa kami niyan bukas. Asus. 9 am to be exact.

And here I am still blogging away.

This internet connection is really throwing my sleeping habits out of whack. Seriously. My body is telling me to brush my teeth, get the hell out of my dayclothes and lie down already. But my's not even close to sleepy. Which is insane because I've been working my braincells the whole day - thinking, making decisions, revisiting memories, making plans. And yet. Still up at 2 freaking o'clock.

Usually pag ganito, ibig sabihin may "unresolved" issue pa ko about the events of the day.
I know what it is. It's all my work fuck ups. There's a lot of pressure at work these days and it's certainly not gonna get easier in the coming weeks. That's Retail for you during the holidays. I'm bracing myself for the storm ahead.

Gawd. Enough with work already. It's a holiday tomorrow, for crying out loud!

Oh, I fell through a manhole today. Well, not exactly. Just half of my leg. I was walking in front of Starbucks Katipunan, my bags and umbrella in tow, and then fwoop! My right leg up to my knee slipped right through a platito-sized hole on the pavement. One concerned passersby asked if I was okay, but she didn't help me up. Did I look like I was OK?! It took a full 45 seconds to extricate myself from the concrete void. After which I lit a cigarette to shake off my embarrassment. One of the tambays handed me a trapo to clean my pants and feet with. As he handed me the frayed cloth, he asks, "Lasing ka ba?" Uh, no. But thanks for asking.

Ano buzz. Kailangan ko nang matulog!

Hmmm. If only I could blog for a living.Russ Davis of NU107 once said in his blog, "Blogging is not therapeutic. It is egotistic." I think it's both. Why do we post our innermost thoughts and inanities on line for all the world to read? I think it's because we're all hungry for expression and connection. I write to clear my head and to just "let it out". That's the expression part. If I say something that resonates with someone else, there's your connection. Doesn't matter if the blog elicits a reply or not. Deep down, we want to feel that we aren't alone. Am I making sense?

This late night blogging is not helping my undereye dark circles disappear. And it's reinforcing my smoking habit. But funnily enough, it's doing wonders for my soul.

It's almost three. I have to wake up in 4 hours. Let me just finish this yosi and I swear I'm signing off...Ten more puffs and I'm off to bed...

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