Sunday, October 21, 2007

What I Learned on Mt. Gulugod Baboy (October 20 - 21 Climb)

1. Gulugod Baboy means "pig spine."

2. The best meals are the ones you eat after

a) a two-hour trek and,

b) an hour on the beach

Kahit kaning hilaw at delatang malamig sumasarap pagkatapos ng dalawang oras na paglalakad sa putik, talahib at lamig.

3. Pack at least 3 lightweight bottoms - you never know when you'll end up sliding on your
butt on the trail.

4 Pag zero visibility na, okay lang na di na masyado lumayo sa campsite para mag
wee wee

5. Climbing with friends makes the experience even better.

6. Almusal na kape at tinapay, bundok- style.

7. Want to meet and expand your social circle? Join a climb.

8. Don't scrimp on cold - weather clothing. Kung lamigin ka, pack a scarf, a bonnet, and
extra jacket and socks.

9.Some cows can be hot-tempered. (We had to find an alternative route because a cow kept charging.)

10. The best way to physically step back and see the bigger picture is from a mountain top.

I'd like to give shout-outs to:

Bryan - Selfless leader
CJ - Dependable right -hand man and emphatic Mafia player
Dan - Fellow newbie! This won't be the last!
Daniel - Calm and Collected soul
Miro - Mafia arbitrator extraordinaire
Biboy - Brave soul (hope your arm gets better soon!)
Shengka - Adorable chatterbox and documetator
Ino - Inexhaustible and relentlessly makulit boy
Yvette - Fellow newbie too!
Nes -Big momma of the group
Keith - Funny firefighter

and all the rest of ENCircle Mountaineering Club. You guys rock!

Winna - my "adventure" buddy. You just brought breath of fresh air to a whole new level. Way above sea level, in fact!

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