Monday, October 29, 2007


If you are male, artistic, play an instrument or are a fan of music, sport a tattoo, are anti-establishment, can get a conversation going for hours on end, are a smooth talker and an even smoother lover and your last relationship was a passionate and tumultuous one, chances are I'll want you. Chances are you'll gravitate to me and find comfort in my sweet and sincere presence.

This is my pattern. I seem to be smitten by guys who rocked and rolled. They looked the part too. X had a shaved head, Y sported a semi-mohawk and Z had a tattoo.

Circumstances found me striking a friendship with each of them. I'm a sucker for conversation and they sucked me in with their wit, intelligence and tale-telling abilities.

The transition from friendship to romance was marked by me spilling my guts into a messy and mushy heap. I was never really good at the "I'll-keep-him-guessing" game. I beat all three of them to the confession. The second one was the only time it didn't turn out in my favor. The two that did were bliss. Both did not last, but they were real, intense and passionate encounters which have made my life essentially, richer.

The down side to the pattern: On both occasions, I found myself constantly trying to prove myself worthy of their affections. I suppose because they had it - me - so easy, it didn't take long for them to take me for granted?

A friend once told me that I need to keep a little mystique and mystery. Hold back a little. Maybe she's right.

Ewan. I'm not good at playing the coy game. So I suck at it, does that mean I'm destined to lose?

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