Thursday, September 20, 2007

Living an Inspired Life

Some, if not most, people die not having done this.

I don't want to be one of those people.
I'm in a good place. But there are OTHER things I would rather do. There are other things I'd jump out of bed for.

On the 23rd of May of this year, I wrote what I call my "Following My Bliss List". There are five items on that list. I won't state them here but I will post them when I've done them.

I think you start to die when you deny the very things that make you feel alive. The pressures to make a living, to make something of ourselves can crowd out the somewhat trite and silly yearnings of our soul to sing videoke, to learn the tango, to make sand castles, to blow bubbles, to build model cars, to knit, to play. Not to say that we should all quit our day jobs and make a living of baking cookies. Our jobs give us discipline, and a sense of contribution to the economy and society and many practical skills. What I'm saying is, what is it all for if you never have time to be so happy that you're out of breath?

I say life's too short not to be spent pursuing dreams. I say let's live life with eyes wide open.